Pulpitis treatment

Pulpitis treatment

Treatment of pulpitis (nerve inflammation) requires local pre-anesthesia. With inflammation of the nerve, there is very severe pain, which increases at night and radiates to the ear, temple, or larynx.

At the beginning of the treatment of pulpitis, pain relievers are used, but even if the pain has subsided, an urgent need to consult a doctor. The causes of pulpitis can most often be a complication of caries, poor-quality fillings, and other surgical interventions.

Pain at the first stage of pulpitis is rarely felt, but as it develops, it appears more and more often. The most severe pain occurs with purulent pulpitis. It can lead to loss of consciousness.

The main thing with pulpitis is not to wait for the development of the disease and as soon as the first symptoms appear, consult a dentist. If the process is started, then it can go from an acute stage to a chronic one and its treatment will require serious costs.

For acute and chronic pulpitis, bandages with antibiotics, medicated pads for fillings, and partial removal of the nerve are used. To remove the nerve, arsenic is used, which causes necrosis of the nerve, including its endings. The pain after the removal of the nerve disappears after a few hours, and later, after 2 days, the roots of the tooth are filled.

Restoration of teeth

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Tooth restoration is carried out in two main ways: direct restoration with the establishment of a crown and indirect restoration with tooth augmentation. For the best dental clinic, visit dentists Dothan AL

At the same time, the most modern materials are used, which make it possible to carry out the tooth restoration procedure easily and painlessly. The prices for dental prosthetics always depend on the time of seeking help, the sooner the cheaper. Usually, restoration of a tooth is necessary if one of the front teeth is affected by caries and the usual filling will spoil the aesthetics of the smile.

It is also impossible to do without restoration in case of traumatic chipping of a healthy tooth. In this case, restoration of the tooth will first require anti-inflammatory measures and medical supervision. It takes about 5-7 days.

Periodontitis treatment

Treatment of periodontitis, an inflammatory process of the tooth, which occurs in the bone tissue, is carried out in a complex manner. The main condition for treatment is the free release of pus through the canal of the tooth. If the canal is closed, then the pus will escape through the bone and muscle tissue, which will create slowly healing fistulas.

Periodontitis is characterized by sharp pains of a diseased tooth, swelling of the cheeks, lips, gums, and worsening when touched directly to the tooth. To relieve pain, remove swelling and save a tooth, you first need to remove inflammation. The inflammation is removed by cleansing the root of the tooth from the inflamed nerve (pulp).

After opening the inflammation, antiseptics are used around the tooth and the medicine is put into its canal. Next, a temporary filling is installed for 5-7 days or a little more, depending on the patient’s condition. The filling is used both to preserve the tooth and to prevent infection from entering it.

Most often, after the installation of a temporary filling, a course of antibiotics or homeopathic preparations is selected to accelerate healing and for general assistance to the body in the fight against the pathogenic effects of microbes. After all these procedures, an X-ray is taken and if everything is in order, the tooth is finally filled.